Our teachers, their email addresses and the divisions that they have been assigned to for the 2019-2020 school year are listed below. Teachers at École Cobble Hill use email to send home classroom updates, reminders and, in some cases, to set up meeting times to discuss your child's learning progress. Email is also a good way to set up meetings to discuss concerns that you may have regarding your child's experience at school and/or in the classroom. We encourage all of our families to either meet face-to-face with teachers or talk over the phone if there is something important to discuss. Protecting privacy is very important to us. Also, email communication can sometimes be harder to interpret and we strive to do our best to attend to your child's needs in the most effective and timely way possible.

Division 1

Trevor Ruck – truck@sd79.bc.ca

Division 2

Grant Mellemstrand – gmellems@sd79.bc.ca

Isla Cameron – icameron@sd79.bc.ca

Division 3

Ashley Goodwin – agoodwin@sd79.bc.ca

Division 4

Jenny Izard – jizard@sd79.bc.ca

Division 5

Nathalie Boulanger – nboulanger@sd79.bc.ca

Division 6

Karen Ward – kward@sd79.bc.ca

Division 7

Éric Desaulniers – edesaulniers@sd79.bc.ca

Division 8

Jessie Sargent – jsargent@sd79.bc.ca

Division 9

Andrea Wickham – awickham@sd79.bc.ca

Division 10

Sarah Adams – sadams@sd79.bc.ca

Division 11

Sarah Garcia – sgarcia@sd79.bc.ca

Division 12

Vicki Wilson – vwilson@sd79.bc.ca

Division 13

Tiernan Cavanagh – tcavanagh@sd79.bc.ca

Division 14

Erin Mills – emills@sd79.bc.ca

Division 15

Erin Arrowsmith – earrowsmith@sd79.bc.ca

Division 16

Camilla Burgess – cburgess@sd79.bc.ca

Fine Arts

Cecily Dhami – cdhami@sd79.bc.ca

Andrea Wickham – awickham@sd79.bc.ca

Learning Assistance/Resource

Samantha Garstang – sgarstang@sd79.bc.ca